"All or nothing": the most "naked" dress the stars of the outgoing 2015

The trend in the so-called "naked" dress seems to be covered our favorite pop artists and movie stars with his head. Throughout the year, the star lady now and then publicly laid bare, while being dressed. Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Chris Teygen and other famous women unashamedly demonstrated on the red carpet its most interesting parts of the body, thereby delighting fans and giving the material to write articles denouncing journalists. Correctly receives star fashionista publicly sticking out his "dignity" or promoted debauchery - you decide. We only recall the most "naked" dress the stars for 2015.


Remembering the most revealing dresses passing year, you could not remember the most transparent and bares body dress Beyonce. Star pop scene appeared in the open long decoration at Met Gala 2015 and literally blinded presentedin their appearance.


Rihanna is a big fan of shocking images and bold lookov. So, on one of the social events, she appeared in a very strange and vulgar dress. R & B performer chose to rout white gown to the ankle, the top of which is formed of a mesh, and two were full nipple brilliant purple flower tone in sandals.

Kim Kardashtyan

During her second pregnancy, Kim often shocked the public with his vulgar and not comfortable for women in the position of things. It's "naked" dress only "flowers" in comparison with its other "fashionable" images in the last year. Waist Debrett Barnett

girlfriend of the famous vampire Robert Pattinson, keazhetsya, just waiting for this newfangled trend in the "baring". She happily posing in a black dress, consisting of transparent fabric and lace-fringe.

Meti Noyes

Budding singer Meti Noyes sure that the image of this star - the main key to success, so your dress has decided to emphasize all of your "strengths".

Chrissy Teigen

If you look at the girl standing in front of her, her black dress seems more or less acceptable with embroidery. But moving away from it by a few degrees to the side, you know that in such a dress to church do not go.

Irina Shayk

Dress up this sexy lady shook the feelings of all those present at the party after the ceremony, "Oscar-2015". Still, people could not smeknut as Ira will remove it after the celebration of creation.

Rita Ora

vociferous star not rarely seen in the unusual outfits. But such frank, as in the "Oscar" afterparty, Rita, perhaps the world has ever seen.


Ciara, one of the few stars whose "naked" dress does not criticized and praised by fashion experts. Her dress is really very challenging, but at the same time does not look defiant. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie dress is so strange that just hard to understand that more surprises - his "nakedness" or absurd form.

Nicki Minaj

Surprisingly, this outfit is not only not "debased" the image of the extravagant singer, and, on the contrary, made it more delicate and refined.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi also managed to pick up a dress, decorate and stressing the sexy curves of her body. Black dress with cutouts and asymmetry indices of "naked" is difficult to call, so "well" it looks.

Jennifer Lopez

About the beauty of Jennifer Lopez with her passion for this kind of dress, it was not possible not to remember. For the year actress remeasure a huge number of trendy "nude" dresses and seem to dwell on this is going. It seems that young fans of the star can safely used to study her body human anatomy, because everything that is not public women hide under clothing, Jennifer Lopez proudly shows.