Madonna styles

Madonna styles

Stage style Madonna is inextricably linked to its real life. And, perhaps, no one style is not passed this Diva. Let's see how looked like Madonna in different periods of his life.

In the beginning,

Fashionable style of the eighties of the last century is closely linked with the name of Madonna. At the beginning of his career, the singer has managed to create a unique style that sets it apart from other stars. Skirts, denim, a huge amount of jewelry, fingerless gloves, bandanas, blond curls and black eyebrows - these are the main attributes of its image at a time. Madonna became famous as the girl scandal, because it acts as the background on the crosses in combination, as in a wedding dress sitting in provocative poses. The Vatican even threatened to excommunicate and Pepsi Company generally terminated her contract.

Madonna styles


An important stage in the style of Madonna played the image of Marilyn Monroe. Bright red lipstick, platinum curls and sexy open mouth. Some years the singer to exploit this sex image. However, she managed even copying Monroe, to be myself.


A new stage in the life of a star became released in 1090godu clip for her song called "Vogue". In this clip she already has a new recognizable personal style, and started talking about Madonna not only as a singer, but also as a fashion-icon. This style consisted of the Hollywood glamor of the thirties and female dandyism. In the new image, she stood next to the icons of style, she always sang. Just it looks luxurious Madonna and in everyday life. She appears on the social events in long dresses to the floor and heels, and her hair at the same time laid in the best Hollywood tradition. Well, the most important attribute of her image is still red lipstick.

Jean Paul Gaultier

This well-known fashion designer nicknamed the eternal child of the fashion world, because it is their interesting ideas are constantly shock the audience. It was he who put the idea of ​​men in skirts and makeup to use, and its models in shows was more naked than dressed. He loved the Moulin Rouge and all sorts of bright show, so it is not surprising that their tandem with Madonna became both very successful. Though Madonna at one time worked with many fashion houses, the world remembered it was in a corset with sharp cups, created by Jean-Paul Gaultier especially for her.


I was in the life of a star, even during dragging Gothic style. Things from the skin, straight black hair, an unusual makeup and a huge cross - exploited the image of the Madonna a few times. Then the audience, she appeared in a very unusual way for him quiet dark-haired woman in a long-necked dress that resembled a kimono. What is interesting, it is in real life, too, was dressed in corsets leather, men's jackets and high boots.

Bohemian chic

In 1998, after one of his most successful albums under the name "Ray of light", the singer once again changes his style. She had already dressed in loose dresses, kimonos and tunics, she was fascinated by the idea. Sometimes even the Madonna appeared in public in a sari and with unusual original makeup.

Policy and the

At first, the twenty-first century in the style of the singer has had a very important role in the Iraq war. In 2003 he released an album with her controversial video titled "American life", where all the horrors of war were shown. And people Madonna also appeared in army boots, beret and camouflage, but instead of the usual wear expensive jewelry counters.

Besides, the true scandal, which is associated with her name. Star first kissed Britney Spears and then Christina Aguilera.

In 2005, Madonna released the album titled "Confession on a dancefloor", which was accompanied by a video of the era of the seventies and eighties of the twentieth century. Thus, the singer as if she came back at the beginning of his career, and appeared before the audience in tights in a grid, the fluorescent body and high heels. This, she recalled the fashion of disco music, aerobics and rollerdromes.

Dolce & Gabbana

In the early twenty-first century, the singer made friends with other fashion designers and even became the heroine of Dolce & Gabbana campaign. Madonna then appeared before us in the form of some of the Italian housewife who constantly all the soap, cooking pasta and went with a shopping bag shopping. However, already in 2015, Madonna has opposed these designers because of their negative statements about the adoption of children by same-sex couples, as it is actively defended the rights of such couples.

Our days

Today Madonna shocking the audience, using sexual and religious imagery. Nothing new on the scene she appears in provocative dresses, but they are clearly inferior to her provocative outfits of yesteryear. Critics often criticize it, that does not interfere with the star to be a major inspiration for many artists and designers. And the outfits for her tour in 2015 created several well-known designers such as Moschino, Prada, Gucci, and Alexander Wang.