Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

One of the sexiest women in Russia is considered to be Anna Semenovich, mainly due to its shape, which is able to emphasize the star right. Either way she always delicate and feminine. Popularity S. brought the group "Shining", which became the start of the career of the singer and TV presenter.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

Before show business girl with the age of three is seriously engaged in figure skating, which has achieved excellent results - not once became the winner of various international competitions. A talented skater, even after graduation entered the Moscow Academy of Physical Culture, where she taught Helen Tchaikovsky Gennady Karponossov Natalia Linchuk. However, serious injury did not allow Anna to continue sports career. It has the status of master of sports of figure skating and ice dancing.

Style pop star from year to year has changed in different directions. We were successful and the images are not successful, but today, it seems, the star found "their stylish wave".

On takeoff of his athletic career star almost did not use make-up, was not blonde, and the famous bust she did not. She did not look flashy, but of course, with the nature of the luxury eyebrows and lips.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

With the arrival of a group of "brilliant" girl began to change significantly. This is - makeup, hair color and a large bust. Despite the demands of the pop scene, Anna almost always had a discreet makeup, but dyed his natural brown hair in white and yellow curls.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

Both on stage and in real life singer style - feminine, emphasizing all the advantages of figure of the girl. Her style is quite elegant and discreet.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

Style of Anna Semenovich quite successful mainly due to a silhouette dresses, neat topam, chiffon blouses and various cut skirts and maxi skirts. Particular preference in color have no singer, but she is wear dark colors as well as style office, especially in a combination of white and black. In the wardrobe of the stars there are many things business style. For example, simple blouses, jackets, coats and skirts classical styles.

S. perfect outfits in business style. Anna Semenovich luxurious large breasts, because of what the figure does not look proportional. Office suits perfectly solve this problem.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

In ordinary life Semenovich is no different from the others, she prefers not to stand out. Anya loves comfort and simple style casual. For shopping, sightseeing and meeting friends she chooses T-shirts and tops, skinny jeans, straight cut, boyfriends, sneakers and other comfortable shoes. Heels are also star as the visual pull legs.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

Among the dresses celebrities have a lot of brand-name items and less clothing, store bought clothes at affordable prices. In haute couture dress she will create a good competition of world celebrities. No matter how dressed Anya, it remains one of the most beautiful Russian women. On stage, the star does not restrict itself to certain limits. So, it is constantly trying on new stage images - from the stylized Russian folk to modern Japanese extraordinary outfit.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

Almost all the images Anna Semenovich - a sign of taste and style. In their finery Russian beauty does not look defiant. Star style - elegant, feminine and comfortable outfits that emphasize all the advantages of a figure.

Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo) Style of Anna Semenovich (photo)

At the time, the style of Anna Semenovich was subject to criticism by the stylists, because when the star gained weight, continued to wear tight-fitting dress. Then she listened to the criticism and few changed their style. So, she appeared in public, free short dress of bright color, which looked great on her.