Style Black China (photo)

28-year-old model Black China is known to the whole world the scandalous images and close friendship with the famous Kardashian family.

Style Black China (photo)

The US has long broadcast the reality show "Living with the Kardashian", which was attended by Black China - law wife, Rob Kardashian. In November last year the couple had a daughter, Dream.

Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo)

Black China is one of those celebrities who earn their popularity scandals and provocative behavior. So, do not have time to inform the media about the birth of the baby tea and Rob is reported that the star couple parted.

She fit perfectly into the famous Kardashian family as a daughter and sister friend, not only because of extraordinary appearance, but also addiction to open and, to put it mildly, in a strange way.

Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo)

For example, a celebrity may wear very overt cleavage in conjunction with translucent leggings. Her daring outfits can make a healthy competition famous fashionistas Kim Kardashian.

Black China has a very large and magnificent forms which are not even trying to hide, but on the contrary, in each of his outfit emphasizes them, such as leather skinny. Another way to attract everyone's attention - dresses of bright colors. So, at a party in China has not gone hand, being in bandage mini dress light green hue.

Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo)

In addition, the star of a reality show, as most fashionable women of the family Kardashian prefers different overalls with a fairly frank cutouts and provocative tight dresses. Black did not bother to observe the style rules. It is quite common to see in short dresses with a deep neckline. Another option often form star - platform shoes and high heels combined with transparent clothing. The girl can dress like in everyday life.

Maxi length dresses and floor - a rarity in the wardrobe Black tea house, so these outfits can be attributed to a rare and modest way.

Despite the millions of fans of the model, even they sometimes do not approve of her outfits. For example, a bad suit of bright red color.

Among the preferences of the star - black, white and beige, and red colors. She loves mini, cleavage, tight dresses and overalls. In everyday life, Black could very well wear provocative and revealing outfits and shoes with very high heels.

In the make-up she highlights her eyes, giving a large amount of lashes. Lips always pale, close to the natural color. Another priority - manicure with a rather long nails sharp shape.

Style Black China (photo) Style Black China (photo)

As for hairstyles, here Black China still the experimenter. With that, it's not just the hair color, but also their length. She wore bangs, had a long and short hair, but almost always, parted in the middle. It is difficult to determine the natural hair color, when it changes to "supersonic" speed. China hair dyed in bright blue, poisonous green, light brown, and light. Anyway, most of all she came up with a chocolate brown shade.

Style Black Chyna hard to describe clearly, most likely - is a variety with a touch of vulgarity and absurdity, that in no case does not restrict the star. It feels comfortable in any outfit. Perhaps it is - the key to its success.