Style Alice Vox (photo)

Ex-singer of the group "Leningrad" Vox Alice (Alice Kondratieff) is known to all, not only as a talented singer of the Russian pop music, but also as a nice and stylish girl, have excellent taste.

Style Alice Vox (photo)

The love of the scene the girl instilled her mother. When she was 4 years old, she identified her in the ballet studio, but soon found out that Alice had no aptitude for academic choreography. After that, the future star became involved in the children's studio of the Music Hall, where her vocal talent was discovered. After that she began to take an active part in children's productions, where a lot of singing and dancing, took part in the competitions. Because of the huge workload of girls and passion for art began to suffer vocal performance at school. Therefore, the parents decided to take her out of the Music Hall, but she went on to study singing with the teacher.

After high school, while Alice has studied at the pop department GITIS, but because of the difficult financial situation she had to quit college and return to St. Petersburg, where she enrolled at the University of Culture and Arts.

Style Alice Vox (photo)

The present success of Alice Vox came with her arrival in the "Leningrad" group. It took the place of vocalist Julia Kogan, who went on maternity leave. So, in the autumn of 2013 she became a full-fledged participant in the team. During his time in the band singer sang many hits, such as "patriot", "bag", and others. From the group of girl left at the peak of popularity when the video for "showpiece" garnered more than 46 million. Visits. In 2015, Alice Vox won in the category "Music", "TOP 50. Most famous people of St. Petersburg" award, nominated edited "".

Singer walked competitors in the voting members. At the same time she took part in a photo shoot edition, for which puts on a variety of dresses from Christopher Kane, infantile clothes from Stella McCartney, in the style of hat rock n roll, tuxedos from Saint Laurent and Victorian shirt. All this is extremely Alice's face. For the March issue of the singer appeared on the background of the St. Petersburg subway in a leather dress boots and precious stones.

Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo)

Alice Vox is known to all, not only as the former lead singer of the famous band and a talented singer, but also as a woman with exquisite taste. She has quite a nice appearance and a delicate physique. White curls are perfectly combined with light skin. She prefers natural makeup that highlights her natural beauty.

Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo)

In the wardrobe of celebrities, many black clothes and dark color. Among the favorite things Alice - tuxedos, she knows how to wear it, and they really are.

Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo)

In addition, the singer often uses such as a pop outfits costumes, which looks quite harmoniously. For speeches she can choose a formal suit, for example, red color, which soon will reset and will remain in a translucent body. This live image can be seen at a party in honor of the 15th anniversary of "". Alice also prefers Babbitt-dale skirts and dresses that she really goes.

Style Alice Vox (photo)

All images Alice Vox present classic pumps by Christian Louboutin. Star is literally obsessed with this shoe, which always buys in New York. In the wardrobe of the actress such shoes dozens.

Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo) Style Alice Vox (photo)