Sports Fashion 2018

Sports Fashion 2018

A modern society can not imagine my life without sports apparel, it has become very popular these days. But it takes its roots in antiquity. Once people began to be interested in sports, then there will be sporty. Gradually sportswear evolved, becoming whiter perfect. And thanks to the development of different sports in the female closet appeared a variety of comfortable and beautiful things.

Sports Fashion 2018

For example, a different structure is required to coat equestrian sport, but the T-shirt - football. Just came from the American baseball baseball. But thanks to tennis, a host of useful things: shorts, "t-shirt" and short skirts in the fold. Tight lycra shorts were needed for cyclists. And so comfortable and warm Norwegian sweaters and hats went from skiing and ice skating.

Sports Fashion 2018

For foolish to think that sporty - it is the prerogative only of sports people. Women from different backgrounds and with different interests constantly use sportswear. And the reason for that, practicality and comfort. Although this style would suit more for walks in the nature or the same for the gym, but it is increasingly used as clothes for every day.

Sports Fashion 2018

Fashion trends in modern society

In the manufacture of fashionable novelties designers are experimenting with the style, colors and materials. Due to the existence of different styles, we can draw attention to themselves and others to form a certain impression about yourself. Just style choices and defines certain character traits owner. Each girl chooses their own style based on its taste and its environment requirements.

Sports Fashion 2018

For most people, there was a rather one-sided view of the sports-style: a jacket with a zipper, shoulder straps, cuffs with Velcro and pants with huge pockets, and in addition has a knitted cap and sneakers. But do not look at this style of this side, because it is much more diverse than you think, especially if we consider the sportswear for girls. This is due to the existence of various subtypes of sports style: jeans, a safari, sailor, military, etc. And all of them can make your look more feminine, or relaxed and sexy..

Sports Fashion 2018

We proceed to the description of the things that may be in the women's wardrobe to create a sporting style:

• Tracksuits any sewing;

• Down jacket;

• a wide variety of T-shirts, tank tops and T-shirts;

• It is also possible dresses and skirts, in which there is a sporty style;

• Shorts and pants of different varieties of jeans, breeches, skirts, trousers, slacks;

• The dress-coat;

• sweatshirt, blouson or turtleneck;

• Overalls and its variants;

• jacket or windbreaker also available with optional hood and without;

• Sweater, pullover and cardigan.

Sports Fashion 2018

The huge popularity of this style has found on fashion catwalks. This shows that in the sportswear trend and wear it is possible and even necessary not only for the gym, but also as a daily option.

Sports Fashion 2018


Key Features of sportswear

In this outfit importantly freedom and lightness. Clothing made in sports style should not hamper movement, make it easier to maintain an active lifestyle. So, the main characteristics inherent in the clothes: • A lot of wrinkles in the clothes;

• The collection of a variety of materials and shapes;

• Geometric cut lines;

• pockets that zipped or else have large valves.

• Different types of silhouettes: straight, tapered or adjacent.

Sports Fashion 2018


For the manufacture of clothes of sports style needed light fabrics that are easy to stretch, strong and well keep their shape. And choose to eat and where:

• suede, tweed or tartan;

• raincoat fabrics or zhatye plaschevki;

• Gentle fleece;

• Fabrics made of Lycra or else those with cosmic splendor;

• Fabrics that are in its composition rubber and not get wet.

Sports Fashion 2018


To decorate the clothes are used:

• Different finishes, inserted into the skin, fur or the jersey.

• Finishing lines of various kinds. For example, zig-zag, decorative and contrasting;

• You can use Velcro, straps, laces, zippers, buttons and other metal inserts.

Sports Fashion 2018

How to combine?

• Sport shoes. For lovers of clothes has been created by stylists many options for everyday use in sports style: shoes, boots with laces and thick soles and sneakers. For your choice presented sneakers classic colors and shapes, as for the original girls have options with bright colors and a variety of ornaments in the form of pastes, labels, inserts, laces and other interesting decorations.

Sports Fashion 2018

The latter option is more appropriate for the visit of some parties or the nightclubs. And shoes and sneakers classical models are perfectly combined with jeans, shorts and capris, and therefore suitable for longer trips or everyday use. But more striking models are better combined with short skirts or dresses the same, and even better if you use the same colors in clothes and shoes.

Sports Fashion 2018

• Wraps and caps. Caps and wristbands for the past few years do not lose their popularity. They can be worn with just about anything that your heart desires, creating your own sporty. But best of all, they will look with jeans, T-shirts and shirts.

Sports Fashion 2018 Sports Fashion 2018

• Sports T-shirts and shirts. Perhaps there is nothing more convenient than T-shirts and shirts. They are perfect for everyday use because of their convenience and comfort. They are combined with absolutely everything: jeans, shorts, pants, skirts, semi-overalls, etc. And best of all, if the prints or patterns will be harmoniously fit together or else exactly repeated...

Sports Fashion 2018

• The costumes Velor. The refined and comfortable suit made of velor - this is one of the most necessary and essential things in sports style. Although they are designed for people who lead a sporty lifestyle, but they are also perfect for walks. And due to the fact that the clothing is made from softest velor, it's very comfortable and convenient.

Due to this quality, velor suits are often used as a home version. So that you will always look good when suddenly someone will welcome you.

Sports Fashion 2018

• Swimwear. Sports Fashion could not touch the bathing suits. Over the past few years do not lose their popularity of sports suits and tankini. This swimsuit has two parts: shorts and a topic, which is shaped like a short and a sports shirt. They are the perfect solution for women who have a small problem with my figure.

Sports Fashion 2018

• Accessories. Also, do not miss such an important part of your image as accessories. They will always be a necessary part of your wardrobe. Certain accessories can help express your originality and also complete your perfect image. And it is not only the standard backpacks or bags. In today's fashion, there a huge number of all kinds of accessories that will make your image of an individual and bright. Lanyards, watches, original beads and earrings in their own complement the image and create your own unique style.