Fashionable style of Gwyneth Paltrow

Fashionable style of Gwyneth Paltrow

Outside the set, a successful American actress Gwyneth Paltrow does not accept the excesses of clothes and makeup. She always tries to choose the things that are not Pestryaev overkill paints and without restricting your freedom of movement. The main criteria are its style restraint, poise, calmness and moderation. Appearing at social events, she has openly stated that in the first place is a loving wife and caring mother.

Considering photo covers of glossy magazines, you will notice that Gwyneth prefers modest clearcoat excluding brightness and flatulence manicure. Her usual way encompasses the hair in a bun, a large T-shirt with thin spaghetti straps and straight jeans. Born in California, Gwyneth Petrou loves heat and bright sun.

Currently, she spends more time in Europe. Therefore, in inclement weather, windy London as soon as possible hurry to wrap yourself in a volume monochrome scarf or modest shortened overcoat.

Fashionable style of Gwyneth Paltrow

In Guinea (affectionately calls her press) has a constantly updated blog, from which you can learn a lot about her biography, her preferences, thoughts, dreams, certain moments of her amazing life - and not very pleasant. Several years ago, the actress is telling us about his depressive mood associated with the death of his father.

Gwyneth much attention to the psychology of human relations, loves culinary delights, but the features of modern fashion trends it is not particularly attracted to. But on sunny days of September I visited several Manhattan boutiques where gladly talked with local stylists. Proposed stylists flying skirts, dresses and jackets open, decorated with pretty sequins, Gwyneth Paltrow chose a simple gray T-shirt and leather jacket neutral. Guinea drew attention to the pink satin necklace with small pearls from Lanvin. As a rule, professional stylists pick up this kind of jewelry on a satin ribbon to the simple and plain dress.

The favorites colors this season are silver, beige, deep blue and brown colors for loose pants, dresses and knitted cardigans. For outerwear preferred shades of color of wet asphalt. First of all, Gwyneth Paltrow likes things large knitted. On its website you can find examples of the softest luxury cardigans Stella McCartney, highly affordable prices for your wider audience. Sweaters and knitted coats should be spacious silhouette with muted tones.

Fashionable style of Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth prefers wearing a knitted cardigan in combination with straight jeans and high heels. Excellent will look such cardigans with jackboots and boots with the free leg. The palette of leather this season is recommended to light brown and red colors and dark blue nubuck.

Actress enjoy comfortable loose dresses with length slightly above the knee. Surprisingly, Gwyneth likes to combine modest dress in small flower cardigan with fashionable stripes, completing the image of a thin leather strap.

Some trendsetters offer this autumn the fair sex to try on the clothes of a man's wardrobe! In his blog, Gwyneth tells about these trends and shows baggy trousers with well-ironed arrow. In addition, wear loose white shirt, an elongated single-breasted jacket and black leather batilony. In general, the image turns made in the style of English dandy dress in an elegant, refined and supposedly a little sloppy. Gwyneth Paltrow just loves comfortable, but very elegant shoes, elegant shoes and changing batilony with stiletto heels on mannish "oxfords" with a flat sole. "Oxford" look like low boots made of soft, intentionally aged or perforated leather, complements the image of delicate laces.

The actress is very popular with all kinds of hats and stylish glasses with massive rims. Gwyneth is lovely pots, made of wool or felt. The modern kettles made mainly of dense tissue dark tones usually decorated or neat thin ribbon bow. However, Gwyneth prefers models felt a snap-brim light colors.

"I really like it when things tend to combine simple and at the same time chic images. Sufficient time I takes work, and I love to spend time with children. I prefer to no longer waste valuable time at the mirror in the dressing room, endlessly picking up shoes and clutch to complex corset ", - the actress says confidently.