How to wear women's watches

Watches - is not just a useful accessory, designed to tell the time. Today, they are an integral part of a stylish image and decoration of the most spectacular in the box every fashionista. Women's watches are added along any required accent, complement the image, reflect the individual style. They attract attention, show the presence of taste and status of its owner. Correctly selected clock can tell a lot about its owner, so their choice should be given special attention.


Many women are not even aware that there are rules of wearing a wristwatch. However, their history goes second century and during that time there was a certain set of unwritten "laws", which is to adhere to watch decorating your appearance.

  • When choosing a wrist watch model should take into account the shape and size of the hand. To narrow thin arms fit elegant watch with a round dial on a thin strap, and wide at the wrist hand make less massive clear geometric shapes, such as square or rectangular watch;
  • Pay attention to the length of the bracelet or strap. Watches should sit tight on his hand, without causing discomfort and at the same time do not pinch the wrist, and should not hang freely; How to wear women's watches
  • There is still no definite answer to which hand you need to wear women's watch, so modern etiquette allows for both. Some believe that it is more convenient to wear them on the arm, opposite the working, ie it is for right-handed left hand, and left-handed - right. If you can not decide, try to put them on for a while on one side, and then change to the other and compare the feeling;
  • Watches made of precious metals must be combined with metal ornaments of the same or similar color. For example, platinum watch can be worn with silver jewelry or ornaments made of white gold; How to wear women's watches
  • Watches should be in harmony with the image, as well as meet the circumstances and the place where you are. For different cases it is better to have several kinds of clocks with different shape and size;
  • When communicating with people and there are special rules for: during a conversation is not accepted to look at the clock, checking the time - so the other party can seem that you are referring to the desire to interrupt the conversation that you are not interested.

types of wrist watches women

There are four basic types of feminine wrist watches: classic, sports, design and representation.

Classic model - it's business hours for each day, the design of which is usually calm, austere, noble, without any technical frills, bright decorations and frills. The main purpose of these hours - show time and date, so they should be concise and not be distracted from affairs.

How to wear women's watches

Sports hours usually have a lot of features: a pedometer, a navigator, measuring heart rhythms. They are large in size than normal, and have a waterproof design, the bracelet are firmly fixed and large buttons.

How to wear women's watches

Design hours are usually irregular shapes and unusual colors, decorated with original features. These accessories are sometimes the real work of art and are sure to attract attention to you.

How to wear women's watches

Executive models should be prestigious brands, stylish, with a spectacular design - such as Rolex watches. Their purpose - the publication. Therefore, such a watch put on when you need to make a good impression on business partners, friends, and so on. D.

How to wear women's watches

How to choose the hours

Wristwatches must comply with the occasion and lifestyle. Therefore, to successfully pick them up, you need to pay attention to your outfit and appearance event to which you are going. It is very important to follow fashionable novelties hours to know which models are more relevant now and always look modern.

For everyday life fit clock in casual style. This neutral design, in which the main convenience and comfort. Such a clock on every day will dilute the easiest wardrobe and add the missing accent. In a business setting appropriate to look just watch classical forms and discreet colors and a simple leather strap. There excluded extravagant model. Watch for the business woman should emphasize its seriousness, confidence and elegance.

For a party ideal bright, unusual and original designer watches. With glamorous outfit can combine hours of bold shapes, decorated with precious stones.

Going to a social event or a reception, better to stay on the luxury watch business class. In color and texture, they must be in harmony with the bag, scarf and gloves. Under these rules, you will be able to leave a good impression.

Women's watches - indispensable accessory for the stylish office worker or a busy housewife, secular party girl or a diligent student. Pick up for their way of life a model and learn how to wear it. Then you will certainly stylish look and, of course, all have time.