How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?

Instagramm smartphones and we are taught to do a lot of photos, and it should develop our creativity and good taste. However, not every woman knows how to properly pose for the camera. You should also take into account the particular outfits, because not every beautiful gown will look beautiful in the photo and in life. Some dress in life is much more beautiful, and some, on the contrary, looks nice in the pictures.

During the various events you can take pictures of photographers unexpectedly. So your dress should look like in the picture as much as possible and benefits from.

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?

The dress code, shape and posture

Today, "Fashion" will talk with you about the dress code, which must be followed, when he declared in the invitation. Today we will focus on the image, because you will not always be able to ask the photographer you perefotografirovat. In some cases, your photos will appear on the Internet without your participation. And produced publications on "10 most unfortunate dresses."

Moreover, some of the activities are photographed so fast that you just do not have time to adopt a position that you can pre-select themselves and rehearse. Not all body positions are the same advantageous to look for suits and dresses.

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?

Massive jewelry and accessories

If you bet, for example, in the original, but small earrings, it will not be the best option for events where photographed. Or you decide to wear a white shirt, black trousers and an incredibly beautiful, but a small ring with amethyst. Ring your kit will give a chic, but in the photo will not be visible, and all will think that you are dressed in a classic "white top, black bottom". The more that you can do to take over the staff of the event. Therefore, preference should be given a large decorations, such as large cocktail ring or earring elongated. Also, your ornament can be shoes, luxury bag or an original decoration on the dress.

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?

Print and Color

Or artificial night lighting and color cameras can distort the color of your dress. Also in the picture may disappear semitones or small parts. If your dress is built on halftone game or combination of colors, such as black or inky blue silk blouse.

We can confidently say that it is often at the pictures they look solid black mark to the same ensemble, which consists of two parts, the photograph can seem a dress. It would be better for the event with photographing choose attire contrasting or different from each other shades.

The same applies to the prints. The smallest or chasm may in general be ruffle at the camera. May appear distorted patterns that will distort your figure. Ideally, you should use a photo plain clothes or things with large or medium-sized prints of varying contrast, including watercolor.

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?


The same things and with the texture. This particularly applies to the matt surfaces and dark shades. Lace dress on a black lining does not seem so textured and sophisticated and may even become a little black dress.

In this case, you may need to dress appropriate transparency or lining in a contrasting color. If you taste the delicate decision, you should give preference to gray or beige background. Shiny materials such as velvet or sequins, can create a large amount. In order to have turned more predictable results, you should take a few pictures of his reflection in a mirror on a smartphone. If the result you enjoy the event, professional photographers make pictures better quality, so you can choose the dress.

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?


A very important part of your image a makeover. Choosing makeup will largely depend on the features you are creating an image and your personal preferences. However, with the help of make-up you have to hide the flaws of their appearance and highlight the merits.

You should also take into account the contrast of your outfit, because evening dresses are often made of materials deep saturated colors. To this background your appearance does not get lost in the makeup you need to add a bit of contrast.

It may be saturated color lip liner or eye. Thus, your dress themselves will not pull all the attention. The make-up can be put accents as well, if you choose to dress pastel colors, so you do not look too pale.

Finally tidy your inner world and the mood, because at a gala event to be full of vitality and in a good mood, then your pictures will be successful.

How to dress for the event, which will take pictures?