Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Every woman has a unique beauty and personality, which is the highlight of any fashion image. Therefore, a complete women should not wear dark robes, after the modern fashion offers them a huge selection of the most fashionable clothes.

Of course, choose clothes to owners of magnificent forms much harder than skinny. But it is possible, most importantly, have the desire. Full girls should not blindly follow fashion, but choose the right clothing styles and sizes, so she could emphasize the dignity of the figure, to hide its weaknesses and to correct it. To do this, carefully examine its shape and to determine its type, to properly allocate its dignity and the right to choose clothes. The main mistake of obese women is that they are trying to hide her figure under layers of clothing. But one has only to look at the displays of fashionable clothes for larger women to understand that it is possible at any weight to look elegant and graceful. Today, "Fashion" will acquaint you with the fashion trends in clothes for full ladies.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Winter Fashion

Winter is for larger women is a fairly difficult period, in relation to choosing the right clothes. Some women mistakenly believe that they should only wear bulky long coats and long jacket that would hide figure flaws. But the designers in this respect have a different opinion. They offer a complete set of options for women, as they can look bright and fresh.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• coats. It is not necessary to be afraid of such women full of clothes as a fur coat. After all, if choose the right style fur coats, she will have to decorate and make even slimmer. fur length should be at or slightly below Coreno. Do not buy a coat with long fur, which are really able to make you a wider and bulkier. Fur coat under the velvet coat and astrakhan fur coat is an absolute trend. Can be used for the correction of tricks - the dark side panels, visually narrows the figure. Choose from colors beige, black, brown and blue-gray.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Jackets semifitted. Some overweight women also wrongly restricted to the rank clothes and jackets. However, it is not. Modern jackets and jackets are very light and thin, and do not add volume. Full women semifitted fit and form-fitting model suitable length.

• oversayz Clothing. It would seem that this is the perfect option for obese women. But such clothes should be worn with caution. The main secret is competent combination with bulk clothing fitting or straight. Fashion designers such garments in their collections are used to cover certain parts of the body and highlight others.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Leggings. It would seem that in a wardrobe full of women should not be such a garment. The main condition for the selection of leggings is that they should be dark and dense. And they should be combined with a free riding, such as extra-long blouses and tunics rich and variegated colors.

• cape and poncho. This outerwear is ideal for obese women in the winter. Poncho is able to hide all the flaws of your figure and give your image a luster and elegance. Do not buy a model made of cheap materials, which only spoil your appearance.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Autumn Fashion

Autumn is the perfect time of year to replenish your wardrobe boots, stylish coats and warm cardigans and dresses. Obese women as it should do. In order to create a stylish image of the autumn, you should pay attention to these trends:

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• The classic coat. Coat full women should choose a simple and familiar forms - direct length knee or slightly below. You will also suit coat with belt, singling out the waist. At their shows fashion designers also showed unusual patterns coat - a coat-cocoons, hides the extra volume. • Monoluki. Some fashion designers prefer images made in any color, texture or the same figure. Such clothing is able to visually draw the figure, making you slimmer and more.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

. • Skirt length to the knee. Warm autumn is a great time to show off their slender legs. Do not hide them under long clothes. Full girls fit straight skirts, pencil skirts and skirt with a smell of a length slightly below the knee. They suit any type of figure. The main thing is to choose the right material and the skirt of her size. The material should be elastic and dense, which would be able to visually adjust the shape.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Trousers. In the autumn wardrobe pants are an indispensable article of clothing, even for obese women. Fashion designers recommend to depart from the conventional wisdom that women should wear full exclusively or flared slacks. These pants are able to make the figure more fully and below. It is better to give preference to a direct model of classic colors, in which the low content of elastane.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Soft jersey. Autumn - this is a good time of year for intimate clothing from knitwear. Enrich your wardrobe with a sweater, cardigan, pullover or jacket.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Spring Fashion

Spring is a time of sunny mood, bright colors and easy beautiful clothes. In the spring, we want to quickly take off scarves, hats and jackets. Colorful costumes, light coats, stylish jackets, and blouses - a mandatory thing in the spring every woman's wardrobe. In order to follow the fashion trends, women should acquire a complete such a thing:

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Easy to coat. Early spring is still quite cold, in order to completely remove outer clothing. Light coat will protect you from the wind and weather, and its bright colors can you cheer. Obese women should choose straight model coats and coats a-line with short sleeves. There are no restrictions in the choice of colors of the coat. Obese women should not be afraid of bright colors. Lemon, pale yellow, lavender and turquoise colors will look good on any figure. • Stylish blouses. Almost all fashion designers converge the opinion that in fashion again romance and femininity. Left behind men's styles of shirts. Choose a model with floral print deep classic colors such as chocolate, green, dark blue and others.

• jeans with cuffs. Closet full women are also difficult to imagine without the trendy jeans. Obese women should choose a simple model of jeans with a minimum of decoration. You should also be careful with the rubbing, which can spoil your appearance and even make wider hips. We never left the fashion catwalks and jeans with cuffs, which, however, are suitable only leggy "donuts."

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Costumes. Suits for plus size women can be as a trouser or skirt. They can be a real lifesaver for larger women. Choose a model of classic soothing colors such as brown, beige, black and white, and so on. D. Make you higher and visually pull the neck collar can be properly executed and décolleté.

• Skirt trapeze. This skirt visually hides full hips and will not do your figure shapeless. Choose a model of bold colors.

• Pleated skirt. Long or medium length skirt pleated must be present in the locker room full of women. They will hide the extra weight and body folds.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Summer Fashion

Summer is for many a favorite time of year. However, for obese women - this is a difficult time, because it is difficult to choose the right clothes. However, fashion designers offer a lot of different options that you will feel comfortable in the hot season, and at the same time to look stylish and beautiful. In the wardrobe of every wife's full must be present items made of natural lung tissue. And in fashion this summer are:

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Stylish swimsuit. In the wardrobe of every woman full must be a swimsuit. There are a large number of models suitable for larger women. Slimmer and more you will be able to make shorts with a high waist, and an emphasis on beautiful breasts can put the top on wide straps, which end at the neck.

• The most fashionable colors are blue, black, purple and beige.

• Openwork sleeves. Also in fashion clothes with openwork sleeves. They can be located on the dress, making the image more elegant and easy.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• White color. Stylists have already managed to debunk the myth that the white color full. This occurs only at the expense of properly chosen style and cut. Correctly matched white clothes only beautify the total woman, besides for heat is the most suitable color.

• Strong track suit. Very comfortable sports clothing can be. Full women suit trousers straight cuts, in which there is no extra decoration.

• Evening dresses. In the wardrobe of every woman have to attend an evening dress. If you allow your height, it can be long. Dress with a high waistline helps you to hide the tummy and a-line dress - curvy hips.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Dress-case. This dress does not fit each complete woman. Best of all, it will look at the possessor of a rectangular shape.

• Dress with the odor. Easy Model dress with the smell, which is decorated with floral prints, decorate any woman perfectly. Tenderness and romance your way will give flowing skirt. This dress is especially suitable possessor figure type "pear".

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Fashion for women over 40 years,

For obese women older than forty years, there are many fashionable clothes. Of course, some limitations in the choice of clothing makes age, but to turn forty-year woman in an old lady's still not worth it. The models presented fashion designers, designed to make a woman more elegant and beautiful. Choosing clothes for a full forty-year woman, you must take into account such fashion trends: • Dark dresses and skirts will make of you an old lady.

• Pastel shades of bright color will refresh your face and you are young.

• The color balance of the image. Try to create its image bright accents in the form of collars or scarves. Well, if you combine the dark and light color, building them into a single composition.

• Do not use large bags. Obese women such bags are contraindicated, since they are able to make your image more mundane and heavy.

• Calm prints. Prefer monochromatic clothing or clothing with a print medium size. Close print your figure is able to make a visually more.

• Emphasize the dignity of the figure the correct clothing. Very deep neckline or skirt length above cola women over forty years did not fit.

• Shoes with high heels. If you do high heels do not like, costs the average or even low heel. In such shoes immediately louse walking becomes easier, and the image as a whole - more feminine.

• Minimum of jewelry. A large number of chains, bracelets and rings on a woman over forty years it will look strange. Choose decorations restrained, which can make your way to the desired focus.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

50 years of fashion for women

Women over fifty years old, elegantly dressed, everyone admired. In this case, it does not matter, they are full or not. If you choose the right clothes, your shortcomings will be imperceptible. The beauty of this age is that clothes can transform any woman into a real lady. In the wardrobe of the modern woman of fifty must be such wardrobe items:

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• \ skirt length to mid-calf. For fifty years a woman is the ideal length of the skirt. It may be straight or style year. Choose a model of dense, Waist tissues. • Dresses. In the wardrobe of fifty ladies must dress to attend. This may be a wraparound dress, dress-case or dress-sweater. dress length should be up to mid-calf.

• An elongated jacket. This jacket perfectly hide your full hips.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Tunica. Tunic should be made of relatively dense material. You can wear it with jeans or trousers.

• Light shades. Do not be afraid of bright colors, because the black color you will only add the age. Bring in your wardrobe with light pink, coral and beige things, and your appearance is immediately transformed.

• Black and white costumes. On women aged they look great. In such a suit, you can add emphasis with accessories or decorations.

• Avoid an abundance of prints, such as lurid images, applications and rhinestones. In the classics is to adhere to.

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

Fashion for full women

Full of young girls also have complete freedom of choice of clothing. They may wear the same things as their lean counterparts. In total girls in the locker room should be jeans, tunics, dresses, skirts and other clothing. The main thing is to choose a style that will be visually slimmer, and buy clothes size smaller. In a wardrobe full of young girls should be things like:

Fashion for the full 2018 (photos)

• Daytime dress with a high waist. It may be laced or buttoned and have vertical inserts to visually reduce the volume.

• Business stylish dress. A young girl can be a student, so this dress should be in her wardrobe. The ideal length of a bit length is below the knee.

• Evening Dress. It can be with corset and skirt falling free. It can also be a cocktail or long. Particular attention should be paid to the material of which it is the dress will be made. Very thin translucent fabric to complete the girls will not look very aesthetically pleasing. • Fashionable jeans. It will not do any modern woman's wardrobe without this subject. Full girls should not choose a model with a low waistline, as well as a very flared model.

• Fancy tunic.

• Tracksuit.

• T-shirts and others.

These are the usual subjects of women's wardrobe. Before they choose, should determine the type of your figure, and all your clothes you will have only to decorate.