The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

Header - is a fabric with a relief surface, it can be stretched. This is a beautiful fabric, for which it is very easy to care for. Embossed effect in this case is achieved by means of different technologies, which allow to obtain materials of different densities. In addition to technology, these materials also differ in composition, so they have different destinations.

There are materials for bedding, clothing, accessories and curtains.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

Corn similar to merlevku, which in the seventies and eighties admired all the girls. But marlevka - it is soft and thin fabric, which is also quite transparent and loose, but she also has some effect bruising. Around the same time appeared and some of the header, but they have greater density and sharper relief.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

Types header

Maize - it is of the varieties of crape. Crepe is a group of tissues that differ in composition and weaving, they have a rough and uneven structure. Crepe can also be made of different fibers. The very concept name represents a crepe weave fiber art, which uses strong twisting multiple filaments.

The strength of this twisting increases several times, causing the material is very durable. Crepe-header has some of the springs, that is, the ability to stretch. And in some cases, depending on the raw material used, the material may have a beautiful shine. On a relief surface of the fabric can be a variety of patterns.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

We have high-quality crepe properties such as color brightness and strength, which are stored for a long time, this fabric does not fade. All kinds of crepe thin, beautiful, delicate and light, but have a high density.

Initially, crepes, i.e. with fabric weave made from silk fibers, after that they were made from rayon, cotton, wool and synthetic materials. Different types of crepe may differ relief surface, as this material is produced by twisting the yarn, the use of different fibers and heat treatment.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

The most durable and dense is cotton and silk crepe. They belong to natural crepes. Of them made men's shirts, women's clothes and linen.

Crash Tighting or viscose, is obtained by heat treatment of synthetic fibers. Such tissue is not as strong as natural, but it is very beautiful and suitable for the production of summer clothes. Especially because it is not so expensive. Maize intended for manufacturing dresses, sufficiently soft and lends itself well to a drapery.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

There is also a synthetic and blended header. In it man-made fibers are added, so it's pretty durable, but is not expensive.

The synthetic materials with special relief manufacturing technology will also look beautiful, as well as on natural fabrics. But even in this category many different species. For example, there are so dense materials, which are used for the manufacture of accessories and travel clothing. They are further treated and impregnated with special blends, which help materials do not deform, do not get wet, well withstand frost and long to serve.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

Depending on the method of twisting the fibers, their composition and heat treatment of the finished fabric receives various types of header, called the header, crash, tergalet, krinkl and others. Maize - a Tighting organza, krinkl - taffeta and crash -viskoza or satin.

Tergalet produce a dense thermoplastic material, often made of synthetic or artificial fibers, such as polyester. The kinks and folds on this material form the relief surface. They are fixed by the action of high temperatures. Tergalet - this is an excellent material for curtains, curtains and other interior items.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019


Properties header

Maize - a beautiful fabric, the beauty of which is obtained by using the original relief surface. Impressive and stylish look of the product header.

This fabric is not wrinkled, it is not necessary to iron, so that even after a long use of the product from the header look nice.

Fabric durable and sturdy, this is achieved with the help of special technology, with which it is easy.

For the header just to look, it can be washed in the washing machine, for it does not need dry cleaning.

Can be long talk about each type of header and their advantages, chief among them is the easy maintenance.

The fabric header and fashionable clothes from her 2018-2019

Care header

To take care of this material is very simple. But for products of the header we could enjoy as long as possible, we should take into account some of its features. For example, drapes or linens ironed after washing will not have to. Diverged a little bruising after washing completely restored. Maize excellent resistance to washing in a washing machine and spinning, and a silk material should be washed with delicate mode and at a water temperature of thirty to forty degrees. When washing, use sparing agents. Clothes after washing can spread and dry without smoothing. Dry things should be away from direct sunlight and heating appliances.

Sometimes, after washing and drying products from the header, they can reduce their size. In this case, the cloth should be manually stretched a little bit moisturize and smooth the inside out. Here we should be careful to not overdo it and do not have the size to be more than the original. Otherwise the product will again be necessary to humidify and dry, so that it once again has given the shrinkage. Bruising, which parted and slightly tarnished relief when washing is restored.

Wrinkle resistance, elasticity, strength, originality and easy care material could this create a good reputation.