What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

The celebration of the New Year, there are certain traditions. New Year's holiday is impossible without a Christmas tree, fun and champagne. New Year is not met without a feast, and home decoration. And then tradition changed every twelve years.

For inspiration for the menu and decor premises, as well as the selection of dresses, we appeal to the Chinese calendar, in which the cycle of twelve years. 2019 will be held under the auspices of the Yellow Pig earth. It just completes the cycle, so it should be celebrated with a special scale.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

It is necessary to take seriously the requirements of the patron saint of the year. On the eve of holidays the main question is - what is the New Year? It is believed that the one who will be able to cater to the Yellow pig, the whole 2019 will have good luck in finances. And as such attracts like, then you should not skimp on choosing clothes. For the meeting in 2019 you will accept such options:

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

• Dresses with gorgeous lush hem for a generous and sumptuous feast.

• The yellow dress as a symbol of the year.

• Black little dress with gold decoration necessary to attract financial well-being.

• Color jumpsuit as the symbol of prosperity.

• Light trousers as Yellow Pig prefers natural colors and comfort.

• White blouses to attract harmony and peace.

• Clothing with puffed sleeves - hit of the season.

• Leggings bright colors to set the mood.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

Dresses with lush skirt

Every girl dreams of a doll dress with lush skirt. In the New Year's Eve you can fulfill this dream. Magnificent dress with a skirt, which consists of a large number of layers of chiffon bodice and elegant, can become a real star-dress. This season in the trend will be discreet light colors such as pastel pink or light gray. As well will look three-dimensional models of dresses that are painted on a gradient, starting from a neutral gray or white. In this case, the skirt does not have to be too lush, since such models are more suitable for receptions and balls. A suitable model of direct skirt holiday home, which consists of a large number of small chiffon assemblies. These models will not look as lush as cozy and fluffy. The length of the skirts of the multilayer may vary from short or short front with a long train to very long.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

Yellow Dress

New appointment, in 2019, the year the yellow dress without it is impossible to imagine. It's the color of the hostess of this year. If you want to make friends with a yellow pig, you should meet this year in a yellow dress.

Prefer noble shades of yellow, however, is not very bright or very dark. This color will be best to look long or medium length dresses made of thin fabrics. You should pay attention to chiffon dresses with a short skirt, veil or train, which will help you to create a carefree and cheerful image.

Will look great as simple sundresses in a rustic style with ruffles. However, for such a dress should create a corresponding interior of the house. The room must decorate objects made of wood, and to create a pastoral atmosphere using dried herbs.

If you celebrate the New Year at the ball or taking an evening dress code, you should pick up a dress a-line skirt with a lush. In this hue such dresses to be saturated and deep. You perfect terracotta or canary-yellow color and the color of red gold.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?


Little black dress with gold

This is another variation on the dress, which will suit all occasions. In the New Year's Eve need a bright elegant decor, so choose should be a little black dress, embroidered with gold. Heraldic colors, vignettes and curls will look great in the chest area, neck, shoulders or at the hem dress. Duplicate gold you can on the shoe. For this purpose can pick up a court shoes golden hue or suede high boots with printed pattern.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

Colored overalls

If you are going to celebrate the New Year bright and noisy, and you are most comfortable, you perfect color jumpsuit as solid, and to print.

Colorful jumpsuit will help you create the perfect option, several causes, which is suitable for a club party. Also suit may consist of trousers with translucent or lace inserts. This option is perfect for secular parties. It shall appear as colored jumpsuit with sequins or bright floral pattern with large print. Best of all would look monochrome jumpsuit in soft shades such as pale blue, olive, terra-cotta or burgundy.

It is interesting to look will suit with abundant embroidery and transparent trousers. For social events fit jumpsuit in black with brilliant decor and a deep neckline.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

The bright trousers

If you are going to celebrate the New Year at home, you will best suit light trousers with a high waist and a soft shirt. To this outfit not seem banal, pick pants and t-shirt in one color. This combination will look very harmonious. Of course, it is best to buy the New Year new things. After all, New Year's meeting in new clothes - is to update the wardrobe.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

clothes with full sleeves

If you want to pick up a dress in line with the latest fashion trends, you should pay attention to the sleeves. To celebrate the New Year are perfect volume and very puffed sleeves-lanterns. The short sleeve may be made of hypertrophied Basque, ostrich feathers and "inflated" bulk tissue. There will also be relevant in the area of ​​the enlarged shuttlecocks shoulders.

Excessive volumes are variants of fashionable items, suitable for expensive parties. Sleeve less suitable for more modest celebration, but it must be a sleeve-lantern. You can also pay attention to the delicate kind of trend sleeves made of chiffon with a little frill, located on the seam line.

Thus lush inlay may be part of the dress, and can decorate only one shoulder or descend in the manner boa. In this case, the inlay should consist of fur or feathers. Moreover, the voluminous sleeves are, the shorter should be the dress itself. Otherwise outfit will be very difficult.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

White blouses

From school days, we remember the rules of making the holiday costume: black bottom, white top. This rule will also operate smoothly and in 2019. In modern treatment is a combination of black and white will also look interesting. If you are going to a party, you can wear a blouse with fashionable voluminous sleeves, lace inserts or embroidery and complement her short shorts leather.

And if you are going on a corporate or going to celebrate New Year with friends, choose a blouse with tiered sleeves-lanterns and combine it with short trousers. You can replace the skirt-pants case of medium length with hem lace or guipure.

What's to celebrate the New, 2019 year?

Bright leggings

These clothes can be supplemented with a long jacket, a light tunic or a cozy sweater. This model is a favorite garment is urgent and in the New Year. Pick bright leggings model with psychedelic or floral print.

The mod will also be monochromatic pattern of dark colors, such as ruby, blue, purple or dark gold with a "metallic" effect. Instead of leggings can choose colored tights.