The first bag: how to be a pack for first graders? »Fashion

Increasingly, as the first of a backpack for your first grader Ukrainians choose products of the Czech brand TOPGAL. Despite the fact that the company has presented its backpacks and bags on the Ukrainian market not so long ago, in the Czech Republic and abroad brand known since 1993. In this case, it is the children's collection of the brand focuses on.

The first bag: how to be a pack for first graders? »Fashion

Latitude range

Every year TOPGAL company completes its product range with new collections of bags and backpacks. A complete list of the range, which is available for Ukrainians, please follow the link: In this case, you can choose not only a school backpack, even though this product Ukrainians are buying more often, but also youth, urban backpacks and laptop bags.

Total on the site features more than 500 backpacks and bags models. All of these products incorporates the philosophy of the brand and its approach to production:

  • high quality products;
  • contemporary design;
  • functionality (thought the smallest details for ease of use);
  • reasonable price.

Satchel for a first grader

By designing backpacks for younger students, the company approaches with great care, since the product on the one hand, must like kids, on the other - to meet stringent requirements of the mothers.

Therefore, school bags for first brand TOPGAL:

  • light (their weight does not exceed 1, 8 kg);
  • solid (100% polyester with a durable reinforced seams);
  • the water-repellent (easy to remove, in the case of pollution);
  • a packed bottom (Knapsack withstand loads of up to 7 kg);
  • are reflective elements;
  • with rubberized runners and handles with plastic cover.
  • have orthopedic carcass back.
The first bag: how to be a pack for first graders? »Fashion

School backpacks for younger students presented in forty different designs for both boys and girls. Inside, everything is thought out well for the convenience of the child, there is a special organizer for writing instruments, are internally divided, compartment for bottles and lunch boxes, side pockets and hooks for keys. To the bottom of the backpack does not wipe, backpack equipped with four small feet, which protect the fabric, if the first-grader wants to put the backpack on the floor. Also in the knapsack is provided a hook for hanging on the desk.

One of the most important requirements for the first backpack - the proper distribution of the load on his back. Therefore, all the packs for first brand TOPGAL equipped with orthopedic backrest frame and adjustable harness with a minimum width of 4 cm from the chest strap to create the effect of unloading the back.

If the backpack is matched correctly (according to height and age, with all load requirements), then with him the child will feel comfortable and will not get tired of carrying heavy loads.

In addition to school backpacks, an assortment of brand TOPGAL presented laptop bags, sports bags, pencil cases, school kits and accessories (handbags on the neck, organizers, children's purses, blankets, ponchos on backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes and even aprons creativity). All products are certified by brand, quality and compliance with the standards is confirmed by the Czech certificate ITC Zlín. This means that before you go out into the light, each model has passed the backpack and stood the test - 20,000 raised with the load.

The first bag: how to be a pack for first graders? »Fashion

Where and how to buy?

Knapsacks for first-graders, you can select and purchase the official website of the brand TOPGAL:

The site has user-friendly interface, minimalist design that will not distract from the purchase, and intelligent navigation. In addition, if you do not understand what happened to order on the site there is a detailed step by step instructions, as well as the opportunity to consult online. Get the goods in three ways:

  • Pickup from the store, which is located in Kiev on Osokorki;
  • to order a courier delivery (cost 70 hryvnia);
  • to get the goods in the department of new mail.

All products are warranted 24 months from the date of purchase. This confirms the high quality of the product and the manufacturer responsible attitude to their customers. Brand regularly organizes events, implying a discount on previous collections of backpacks and bags, so there is always the opportunity to buy your favorite model at a discount.